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At St Joseph’s we give all students in years 7 to 9 the opportunity to participate in the Cumbrian Award

The Cumbrian Award was first envisaged a number of years ago in response to both the increasingly academic and narrow curriculum path which many schools felt they were being driven down, and the recognition that many children and young people did not value their identity as Cumbrians, did not actively engage in the tremendous opportunities the county has to offer, and that in turn, the county does to benefit from, or maximise, the potential that younger generations represent.

The Cumbrian Award is aimed for Y7 to Y9 students and the Award encompasses three strands:




The Cumbrian Award is supported by and delivered with WELL and is recognised as an enriching and inspiring opportunity for young people in Cumbria. The Cumbrian Award is working, through WELL, with Nottingham University, in partnership with The Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE).

The Cumbrian Award aims to enrich the experiences and lives of the students who participate. It aims to enhance the skill set and give students the opportunity to apply such skills in a range of environments – whether that be navigating a Lakeland fell, negotiating a boardroom meeting or performing on a theatre stage… and beyond.

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