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We are justly proud of our high standard of uniform at St. Joseph’s. Our expectation is that it is to be worn with dignity at all times, this includes the PE uniform.

We expect all St. Joseph’s pupils to look smart and so in addition to wearing your uniform we would ask that you pay particular attention to these four points:

  • Only KS4 pupils are allowed to wear foundation (skin tone only)
    NO other make-up is allowed under any circumstances.
  • Only natural hair colours are acceptable.
  • Unnatural hair colours eg; red, green, blue etc. or extreme hairstyles eg; shaved patterns, Mohicans, stripes, shaved No 1/non-graded cuts etc. are not acceptable.
  • If earrings are worn, only one pair is acceptable and they must be small and discreet. No other body piercings are allowed.

If parents feel that they might qualify for an Essential Clothing Grant, they should apply on the County Council website 


  • Blazer for all years. We have a school jumper which is optional – students must wear the blazer but they can wear the jumper, too.
  • White blouse or shirt in polyester/cotton material (not polo type blouse), must have collar. 
  • School Skirt – only available through school. 
  • Navy dress trousers (hipsters, jeans and leggings are not allowed). 
  • School tie (only available through school). 
  • Black flat heeled leather shoes (not boots or trainers). 
  • Navy or white plain socks. 


1. A navy school PE top available from Termtex. There is a short and long-sleeved option they can choose from.
OR they can wear a plain navy hoody (No visible logos or branding)

2. Plain navy or blacks shorts, joggers or leggings (again, must be plain with no branding)
In warm weather plain black cycling-type shorts may be worn if they are of an appropriate length – any query on the length is to be decided upon by the head of PE
OR they can purchase the school branded bottoms from Termtex (the options are leggings, shorts, joggers or a ‘skort’)

3. Black, navy or white socks

4. Appropriate sports trainers with non-marking soles

5. For outdoor lessons on rainy days students may wear a suitable waterproof jacket on top of their PE kit (not their school coat)
No jewellery can be worn for PE; students will be asked to remove it and leave it in their bags.

All students with long hair must tie it up with a bobble – there will be no exceptions to this.

Termtex is the company used to supply our school uniform, they visit the school towards the end of June each year, on this day parents can purchase items of uniform. Alternatively order forms are available from Reception which can be sent direct to the company or order online from the website.

It would be helpful if items of clothing were clearly marked with your child’s name. Unfortunately, school cannot accept responsibility for lost items.

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