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Motto: Ausculta

Mission Statement: Living, Loving and Learning through Christ.

Theological Virtues

Faith: The virtue by which we believe in God.

Hope: The virtue by which we trust God.

Love (Charity): The virtue by which we love God.


SJCHS Curriculum Intent: Our curriculum is based upon the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love (Charity).

Our intention is to offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is stimulating and challenging, meets the needs of the full ability range of our pupils and prepares them to be successful and ready for the next stage of their lives and flourish. We have high aspirations for all of our pupils, and also have bespoke intervention to support the needs of individual pupils. Our curriculum is designed to build on the good work of our partner primary schools to acquire a depth of knowledge, skills and understanding across subjects that enables pupils to achieve their best. We regularly review and adapt our curriculum so that it meets the needs and interests of all our pupils to enhance their learning.

At St. Joseph’s we encourage pupils to have high levels of literacy, including oracy and reading, that will support and build their confidence to know more. We support our pupils with a range of additional opportunities, extracurricular activities and experiences to develop themselves as an individual and pupils are ready to meet the next challenge in their lives.

St Joseph’s is a school where we know our pupils, care for them and we treat each other like a family. The theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love is at the heart of what St Joseph’s does.

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