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In response to the fast-paced, ever-changing environment that our children are growing up in; a curriculum encompassing Relationships, Sexual and Health Education (RSHE) has been developed to ensure that children are well equipped to cope with the challenges of adult life. Providing students with the knowledge they will require to make well informed decisions for themselves; regarding their well-being and relationships as they move towards adulthood.

The RSHE curriculum has been created to provide high quality, evidence-based teaching; which includes age-appropriate information, advice and guidance surrounding these topics. As a Catholic School, we have the opportunity to address these subject areas sensitively; with not only the physical development of our learners as a focus, but also their spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development too.

Everyone faces difficult situations in their lives. The idea around these teachings is to ensure that students feel they have the tools to make informed decisions and understand where they can receive further information and guidance, should they need it. Building resilience in our students is key for them to lead fulfilling and happy lives as adults.

The RSHE curriculum that we follow is developed using the Ten Ten Life to the Full package of resources.


What is Ten Ten Life to the Full?


Life to the Full is an RSHE programme based on statutory Department of Education guidance. The programme is rooted in a Christian understanding of the human person provided by the Catholic Education Service. It is inclusive and recognises everyone as an individual.

The teaching includes lessons on puberty, personal hygiene, fertility, menstruation, family and friends, an understanding of the body, sexuality, marriage, gender, online relationships, social media, consent, grooming, pressure, STIs, contraception, abortion/miscarriage, drugs and alcohol, pornography, and sexual exploitation.


Right to withdraw from RSHE


Parents/carers are able to withdraw their child from RSHE lessons, though they are not able to withdraw them from statutory science lessons. They should contact Miss McManaman in this case.

Parents/carers considering this will be asked to a discussion with the Headteacher around the benefits of receiving this education, the purpose of the curriculum in a Catholic context and any detrimental effects that withdrawal might have on the child. A discussion will follow involving the child to ensure their wishes are understood. Following discussions, except in exceptional circumstances, the school will respect the parents’ request to withdraw the child, up to and until three terms before the child turns 16. This will be recorded by Miss McManaman, as lead for RSHE. After that point, if the child wishes to receive sex education rather than be withdrawn, the school will make arrangements to provide the child with sex education during one of those terms.

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