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Labour market information (LMI) may help students and their parents understand the job market and find out which careers, different qualifications can lead to.? We strongly advise students to look through the resources below before making GCSE and A Level option choices.


Students have been encouraged to complete the careers software that the school subscribes to https://www.startprofile.com/, by asking a number of questions, the software guides the students to research a variety of suitable careers.? It would be useful if students spent time reviewing the software results with parents to ensure they maximise the benefits.


The National Careers Service provides excellent information about a wider variety of job roles.


When students think about their future options, it’s important that they consider their skills and knowledge, which careers interest them and also the job availability in that sector.

Visit Moving On to compare average earnings, working hours and predicted job openings.

Click on the link to find out about our local labour market.

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