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Department Key information Learning Support 

Inspirational quote; ‘Great oaks from little acorn grow. Keeping up not catching up.’ 



(Why the subject is important, summary of the names and responsibilities/ education/experience of the department) 

Mrs C Mason Miller. BA hons Linguistics, PGCE English language, NPQSL, SENDco qualification pending. 

D Shilito –Senior teaching assistant  

V Smart-Senior teaching assistant  

K Bragg-Senior teaching assistant. 

E Carruthers – teaching assistant. 

  1. Reilly-teaching assistant apprentice.

E Hodgson-teaching assistant apprentice. 


Course followed/Exam board 

(KS3 and KS4) 

Entry level maths-Students study 4 components of the entry level requirement. 

Entry level literacy. 

National curriculum literacy. 

Our Key Stage 3 follows the national curriculum and is built around understanding and mastering of the basics in both literacy and numeracy which is tailored to our students’ needs and linked to the whole school aims. We work alongside the English and Maths departments to plan the curriculum to each cohort. Literacy lessons are set around mastery of high tier vocabulary and non-fiction texts enabling our students to become more attentive to their reading skills.  

In accordance with the JPP, we want our students to think and learn about the role of the individual and their place in society. With this in mind, we allow all students the opportunity for class discussions, and we encourage students to voice and vocalise their opinions through Oracy debate whilst acquiring and understanding the views of others. 


Skills the students will develop 

Our curriculum is broad, ambitious and challenging and develops students’ knowledge of their community, local history, their country and the wider world, this is integral to our curriculum. Students explore a wide range of non-fiction texts set for multiple purposes and students will write for audience and purposes through a themed scheme approach. The use of class readers will inform and develop students understanding of different cultures and test their understanding of different communities. 

We specifically tailor our curriculum; it is planned based on the cohort in the classroom.  A great deal of preparation and time is spent understanding the strengths and areas of development needed in each class. It is important to us as a department we not only support and scaffold learning for our students, but we stretch and challenge students learning and enable breadth and depth in knowledge.  At KS3 and KS4 all SOW have built in opportunities for literacy, reading and oracy. We will always encourage our SEN students and all other students to be able to communicate their thoughts and opinions as well as listen to others. 

Our curriculum is fun and through the use of, writing for purpose and audience, knowledge quizzes, oracy debate and social interaction we enable a thirst for education and an enjoyment of learning. Students are supported in our classrooms to reach learning goals. The aim is to ensure our students are lifelong learners by enjoying reading and encouraging their interests in topics which impact them. 

We have recently created a bespoke curriculum tailored to the needs of our SEN students to accelerate the learning and progress of students in 9 set 5 so that as many students as possible are able to access GCSE’s or Entry levels in Year 10.  To ensure that students in 9 set 5 will still follow the national curriculum topics; the class will have access to a wide selection of GCSE subjects in Year 10. To ensure these pupils access a suit of subjects and specialist teaching. Principles for this group is that whilst they have a bespoke curriculum that is tailored to their needs. The students still follow the National Curriculum. Their curriculum should be creative and build on their needs as a small group of students, focusing on: Literacy, Oracy, Writing, Maths. 

Each department subject is allowed scope as to the breadth and depth of their curriculum to support the accelerated progress of these students 

It is intended that by building on these common approaches and developing techniques that work with these students will accelerate the progress of this group. This class respond well to topical teaching and relevant local and national news issues. 

This group also partake in outdoor learning and are currently working on horticultural activities in our mini allotment situated in the school grounds. This brings life skills and helps with links to employability for this group as well as a lot of fun. 



Mrs C Mason Miller –Sendco – 01900 873290 




Competitions. Paired reading clubs 

Extra-Curricular Clubs.   Food club, Art clubs homework clubs. 

Horticulture sessions with the garden project in the school’s allotment. 


Reading for pleasure   We encourage all students to read fiction and non-fiction and are part of the read up programme which can be accessed in the library and via the library pages. 

Academic Reading:   Weekly homework tasks incorporate reading and oracy debate reading preparation. 

Reading for parents  Parents are encouraged to partake in home activities with their children. Especially reading for pleasure activities. 




Useful websites for free resources: 



Top Marks 

Primary Resources 

Skills wise 

TES (Primary) 

National literacy trust. 

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