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The radicalisation of young, often vulnerable, children and adults is a constant worry for parents, schools and the Government. In the news, we see and hear constant reminders of Islamic extremists, atrocities in Syria, terrorism and so on. We have to remember, that young people can be radicalised by other groups, for example ‘far right’ groups that try to entice people into forcing their racist or other beliefs onto others through acts of violence or terror.
Here at St Joseph’s Catholic High School, making sure our students are safe and happy is at the centre of everything we do. Our school ethos, our values and our determination to support every individual child, means our young people develop into responsible, well rounded individuals, ready to face their next challenge.
To help further support our students, the staff at St Joseph’s have undertaken training on the Prevent Duty, meaning they are ready to ensure our most vulnerable students receive appropriate advice or guidance
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mr John Kinsella at the school.
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