The study of Performing Arts allows our students to develop a foundation of skills in all 3 performing arts disciplines: Music, Drama and Dance. As part of this education, students will develop skills & techniques for performance as well as learning how to apply skills & techniques in both rehearsal and performance. Throughout the course students will be encouraged to review their own development & practice.

Topics covered in each year group

Year 7 – Students build foundation skills in all 3 disciplines. In Music, rhythm, pulse and structure is explored before exploring the work of the ‘Great Composers’ and The Blues. Students explore Drama through the use of key skills which include freeze frames and improvisation. In dance, students develop both choreography and performance skills.
Year 8 – Building on the work completed in Year 7, students in Year 8 Film Music, World Music and Folk Music. These units explore performance and composition tasks. Drama skills are developed through texts including Oliver! and Dance is explored from a variety of cultures and countries.
Year 9 – In Year 9, students focus on Music and Drama. Video Game Music and Music and Adverts are two of the topics explored. In Drama, skills are developed through script work. 
Key Stage 4 – Students follow the Eduqas specification. This develops students’ skills in performance, rehearsal and devising drama as well as their understanding of professional opportunities. 

Subject leader – Sarah Bennett

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