Teaching French and Spanish to our students allows us to introduce them to the French and Spanish language and culture. It also broadens their horizons to understand and appreciate people from different countries and cultures.
We aim to promote an atmosphere of tolerance and a curiosity about different countries, their language and their people as well as to encourage a love of learning languages as a means of communication.
Learning a language enhances our students’ understanding of their own language, improves
thinking skills and develops self-confidence.
KS3 French and Spanish
In Years 7-9, our students start with the basics of the language. As they move through the curriculum, they are introduced to grammatical concepts and useful vocabulary. The grammar and vocabulary are revisited on a regular basis in order to consolidate learning and to improve recall. By the end of Year 9, most students will have studied the past, present and future tenses, will be able to write in complex sentences and will be confident in their spoken language.
KS4 French and Spanish
In Years 10 and 11, we study the AQA syllabus for French and Spanish. The knowledge base gained during KS3 provides a solid foundation for the study of GCSE. We study familiar topics in greater depth and revisit grammatical concepts on a regular basis. Students will be entered either for the Foundation papers (Grades 5-1) or the Higher papers (Grades 9-5). A decision on level of entry will be taken after the mock exams in Year 11.
Topics covered in each year group
Year 7 French
Key Topics
Autumn 1 – Introducing myself
Autumn 2 – Talking about other people
Spring 1 – School Spring 2 – Hobbies Summer 1 – My town
Summer 2 – Holidays
Year 8 Spanish
Autumn 1 – Family and Friends
Autumn 2- My Town Spring 1 – Holidays Spring 2 – All about me
Summer 1 – Food and Drink
Summer 2 -Making Plans
Year 9 French
Autumn 1 – House and Home Autumn 2 – Talents and Ambitions Spring 1 & 2 – Family and Friends Summer 1 &2 – Free-time Activities
Year 10 Spanish
Autumn 1 & 2 Revision and Holidays
Spring 1- School
Spring 2- School/ Family and Friends Summer 1 Family and Friends Summer 2- Free-time activities
Year 11 French
Autumn 1 – School and Education
Autumn 2 – Work and Future Plans
Spring 1 – Environmental and Global issues
Spring 2 – Revision and exam skills
Year 11 Spanish
Autumn 1 – Towns and Regions
Autumn 2 – Spanish customs and celebrations / Work and Future Plans
Spring 1 – Environmental and global issues
Spring 2 – Revision and exam skills