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Mrs Eldon – Transition and Primary Links Leader

‘I am delighted to welcome you and your son/daughter to our website, our school community and most importantly our school family. You will find here lots of information about our school, and materials to help you to get a taste of who we are and why our community is so special. Please take time to watch the videos and to read our Transition Information.

I lead a wonderful team who look after the transition of our new Year 7 each year and we will use this website to communicate to parents and children over the coming weeks and months. We work closely with your current schools to ensure that we are ready for your arrival and that we know each of you.

I look forward to meeting all of you and helping support you with your first steps in your Saints Joseph’s journey.’


All students are welcomed into our family, especially those transferring from primary to secondary school each Autumn.

Very strong links exist between our partner primary schools and our school, ensuring the fullest possible knowledge of the children and curriculum arrangements in each school throughout the year. Our comprehensive and supportive transition programme is designed to ensure that students who join St Joseph’s Catholic High School settle in easily and make friends quickly. We have additional transition arrangements for children who would benefit from the extra nurturing that our deliberately small school family brings.

We will be visiting each partner primary school to deliver the Selfish Giant transition programme.

Throughout the school year we work closely with our primaries and many of you will have been involved in activities, here are just a few recent highlights (all activities we do will be based around the selfish giant):

  • St Joseph’s student for a day.
  • Design and Technology – Competitions around how to program robots and making keepsakes using the 3D printer and other CAM tools.
  • Art – Clay work and digital media.
  • Science – Learn how to become a mad professors and create bubbling concoctions to delight and amuse.
  • Computer Science – Learn how to edit photographs and create the perfect selfies.
  • Music & Drama – Learn how to singalong with Disney or go wild on the drums.
  • Activities afternoon including Minecraft computer programming to spooky cupcakes.
  • Sports Festivals – Everything from athletics to trampolining.
  • Plus many more.

Children are encouraged to embrace new experiences and are challenged to set high aspirations in preparation for their journey to secondary school.



What I was worried about…


How I felt at first…


My advice to a new Year 7 would be…


My really important advice is….


What do I like about St Joseph’s…

‘I was worried because a lot of my friends went to  a different school. However after going to summer school I made loads of new friends and the teachers are really kind and understanding.’

‘At first I was a little bit scared but now it’s actually nothing. I love St Joes it is a good school. I was made to feel at home.’ ‘You should try hard in every subject, even if you find one really difficult. The teachers will give you all the help and support you need.’ ‘’Keep your head up high and remember your manners. If you get lost and you will it is okay because lots of teachers and pupils will help you find your way!’ ‘Even though my other friends went to a different school I don’t miss them as much as I thought I was going to because I have made new friends who are really kind and supportive.’
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