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History Key Information

‘ The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future’ Theodore Roosevelt  

Meet the History department:

Mr Graham (HOD) 18 years experience across 3 schools as HOD, Teacher and head of faculty. 

Mr Thorp 20+ years of experience in multiple schools and has been past HOD and Assistant head 

Mr Hughes 18 years experience. Previous HOD and current assistant head 

At its core History is understanding individuals and groups of people and evaluating their actions. History is a search for ‘Truth’. Being  ‘Curious’ to find evidence and use historical analysis to assess the reliability of the sources gives our students transferable skills which help them to understand the world around them. Using this knowledge and understanding we hope our students make reasoned, fair and discerning judgements as they move through life and can eloquently speak the truth by using multiple sources of evidence which they have assessed for reliability. Our hope is by understanding people of the past and having empathy with them, they will better understand others in the world and become respectful and loving people who have empathy for others. 

Course followed/Exam board 

  • (KS3 and KS4) 
  • National Curriculum 
  • AQA 

Future careers and vocations 

  • Politician 
  • Journalist 
  • Researcher 
  • Educational professional 
  • Analyst 
  • Councilor 

Contact: Stephen.Graham@sjchs.uk

The purpose of this document is to explain how your curriculum is being enhanced. 




  • Castles shopping list build your own castle year 7 
  • Lt Calley on Trail 
  • Barter Game 
  • Train game 
  • Extra-Curricular Clubs 
  • Year 11 revision


Reading for pleasure

Horrible Histories any historical fiction, Michael Morpurgo a good start

  • Damian Dibben The History Keepers: Circus Maximus
  • The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain (1881)
  • Cue for Treason by Geoffrey Trease (1940)
  • The Lady Grace Mysteries: Assassin by Grace Cavendish (2007)
  • Secret Agent Mummy by Steve Cole (2014)

Academic Reading

Most of the text books we use are on kerboodle and students have access to them online 

Reading for parents

KS3 national curriculum 







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History Learning Journey

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