During both key stages we offer our students the opportunity to work with many different materials through a variety of projects. All students will experience different techniques and materials ranging from painting, printmaking, 3D clay sculpture, collage, photography and mixed media. During each project Artists or different cultures are studied. Each unit has a clear scheme of work which sets out what the project entails, how the students are assessed and what their homework’s will be.
Throughout each of these projects the formal elements of Art will also be taught. Every project allows students to explore and develop their ideas and will encourage them to evaluate and develop their work. The knowledge which they gain each year will be built upon the following year. As a part of each project students will be encouraged to think creatively and work independently.

The 4 areas that the students are assessed on are;

• technical creativity & formal elements,
• using the work of other Artists as a stimulus,
• developing and evaluating their own work
• researching themes and creating individual outcomes.

Topics covered in each year group

Year 7
• Foundation project, including portraiture and proportions.
• Pattern and texture through printmaking and ceramics

Year 8
• Design, lettering and packaging through drawing and painting
• Sense of place and nature through printmaking and/or textiles

Year 9
Students will opt for any of the 3 areas of Art. Fine Art, primarily painting, drawing and textiles. Applied Art, which is the study of sculpture and photography and Art and Design, a general course covering the 4 areas specified above.

Year 10/11Art
Projects completed following the GCSE assessment objectives. Themes for the projects may be as follows;
• Identity
• Structures
• Wings, fins and feathers
• Pattern and shape
• Natural forms.

During each project students will use a variety of media and will produce individual, creative outcomes. When students are in year 11 they will have DIRT time in order to raise the standards and they will also have a mock exam. They will start to work on their exam in the spring term

Year 10/11 Photography
Projects completed following the GCSE assessment objectives. Themes for the projects may be as follows;
• Let there be light
• Identity
• Sense of